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For v0.15 (Play it Now)


These are the quick instructions. Use WASD or arrow keys to move. Left or right mouse click attacks. Q and E use special skills. Kill everything that moves. Go through spinning teleporters to travel through islands. Pick up gold and hearts to help you out. Losing all your health sends you back to the beginning.


This is you. You're armed with a basic sword and armor and need to make your way through the Thousand Islands for ... stuff.

On the top of the screen, you'll see a display for your current and maximum health, a bar for your progress to the next experience level, your current experience level, and the amount of gold you currently have.

On the top right, you'll see a display showing your currently equipped weapon, armor and accessory. Below them are a display of the skills they grand and how to use them (right mouse button, Q and E). There is also a lock that when clicked will toggle automatic equipment pickups.

On the bottom right, there's a minimap of the island you're currently on. Above it is a display of your current and farthest travelled island.

On the top left are two buttons to control music and sound.


Use the W,A,S, and D keys to move your character around. You can move on land, but not on the hazardous water/oil/lava/miasma. Touching a teleporter will send you to a different island.

There are three (sometimes four) teleporters on the islands. Teleporters with a single green arrow move you one island ahead. Teleporters with a single orange arrow move you back one island. Two green arrows bring you closer to your farthest traveled island. Teleporters with the navy blue menu block move you back home to Island Zero.


You have two attacks: one is a basic attack bound to the left mouse button, and the other is a special attack bound to the right mouse button. Your special attack is bound to the weapon you have equipped -- some weapons have no special attack at all.

There is no limit to the number of times you can use your special attack.

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You have up to two bonus skills you can use. One is bound to the armor you are wearing, while the other is bound to your current accessory. Press the Q key to use the armor skill, and the E key to use the accessory skill. Bonus skills typically do not do damage, but will help you get around in other ways.


Every enemy you defeat gives you experience. Defeat enough of them and you'll level up. Leveling up increases your maximum health (+15 points) and damage per attack (+3 points). In your search for treasure, you will need to level up to defeat more powerful enemies.


Your health is displayed at the top of the screen. You get 15 health points per level. Armor can give you additional health. Every time an enemy or hazard successfully hits you, you lose health. If your health reaches zero, you die and are returned to Island Zero.

Island Zero

Island Zero is your home base -- it is where you can get upgrades for your equipment, heal, and warp to any island you have previously visited.

Weapon - Purcase upgrades for your weapon.
Armor - Purchase upgrades for your armor.
Accessory - Change your accessory to have a new skill. It's free!
Tips - Find extra tips on how to play the game.
Options - Save/Load your game here.
Travel - Select an Island to start adventuring.


There are three main types of treasure in the Thousand Islands: Gold, Hearts, and Equipment.

Gold is the main currency at Island Zero. Use it to upgrade your equipment or travel further than Island 1.
Hearts heal you if you're hurt.
Equipment drops will (sometimes) make your character more powerful. Touching any equipment on the ground will cause you to swap it out with the one you're using. You can lock equipment switches by clicking the "lock" in the top right corner of the screen.


There are a lot of creatures that live on the Thousand Islands, and pretty much all of them want you dead. Attack them repeatedly to defeat them. Slain enemies will give you experience, and also drop gold/hearts with a chance of dropping equipment as well.


Some islands have areas that will hurt you if you touch them. These are either pools of acid, or spikes, or other things of various levels of danger. Avoid them at all costs.


Every four islands, you will encounter a boss to defeat. You can not escape a boss fight unless one of you dies. Defeating a boss will cause him to drop gold, two items, and a heart that can fully heal you. It will also open a teleporter to the next area. If a boss defeats you, you will get sent back to Island Zero.

Treasure Chests

Every island has two treasure chests. Touching them will open them, spilling out one piece of equipment and lots of gold.


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