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Thousand Islands Final Version

The last thing I'll probably release in Construct 2

In 2018, I fell in love with Construct 2. I scraped together the $85 to pick up a copy of this game engine to make lots of stuff. While the coding engine was somewhat basic, it was also surprisingly robust.

The most complex thing I put together in Construct was an incomplete Action RPG concept called Thousand Islands. You adventured around radomly-generated islands, killing bad guys and picking up treasure. There were bosses, equipment, and special skills. It was no Diablo 3, but maybe a Diablo 0.5.

I'll be using the things I learned in Construct 2 to take Thousand Islands out of a concept and into something more. Until then, if you want to play what I had put together I put a copy of the last version online right here.

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