Weight for It
July 28, 2020

Is it possible to tip the scales in my favor?

I am a 6 foot tall, 40-and-a-half year old man. Over the years, my weight has cycled from 210 to 180 to 285 to 170 to 250 to 190 to 260 pounds, where it has been resting for the past year or so.

It's time for all that to change. It's time for me to lose the weight and keep it off. It's going to be boring and uninteresting method, but the last time I dropped lbs was when I simply held myself accountable online. I would measure my weight and belly size every morning, post it in a realtively inconspicuous part of the website, and use that for both motivation for the rest of the day and verification that I was doing good things the day before.

Also, I will use CICO in addition to generally healthier food choices (fewer processed snacks and added sugars, more fruits and vegetables).

As I keep daily track, it will also be posted here. For some reason, my bathroom scale measures all the way to the fifth-of-a-pound, so all fluctuations will be super-precise.

27 Jul 2020261.6261.60
28 Jul 2020260.2260.90
29 Jul 2020263.2261.67
30 Jul 2020260.8261.45
31 Jul 2020259.8261.12
01 Aug 2020258.6260.70
02 Aug 2020258.8260.43
03 Aug 2020259.8260.17
04 Aug 2020262.0260.43
05 Aug 2020262.4260.31
06 Aug 2020265.4260.97
07 Aug 2020259.6260.94
08 Aug 2020256.6260.66

Good luck, future me! Here's hoping that it wasn't a mistake to keep all those skinny clothes.



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