Stop Hating on our President, Already
I know It's en vogue to do it, but here's why we need to knock it off.
June 22, 2017

All right, I am going to get on the old soap box for a bit and say that we have to ease off on slamming on our president Donald Trump, no matter how easy it may be to do so. You don't have to look far to find something slamming the president on policy, personal life, or some social gaffe he may have made.

"But there's so much hate in the media!" you may say, "they're just showing us the TRUTH." You bet. It's huge responsibility of the press to shine that unfiltered light on the world around us. It's also their responsibility to make money, and that means that sometimes they have to shine that light a little deeper than they need to in order to get some extra readership/viewership/clicks/whatever (this is where the right get's their "fake news" talking point).

It didn't just start with Trump either. Remember when Barack Obama wore a tan suit? Or when he ate a hamburger with dijon mustard? These were actual talking points (however ridiculous) while Obama was president. Check these ones that are coming out about our current Commander in Chief:

Here's one: TMZ: PRESIDENT TRUMP Called Out for Cardinal Sin DRIVING CART ON GOLF GREEN?? Silly, right?

Here's another: CNBC: Trump: 'I just don't want a poor person' running the economy Well, who does?

And another: Trump: I did not record conversations with James Comey See?

These are all articles that were published on the same day I wrote this one. There's way more.

I get it, Trump is not God's gift to the Oval Office. He's attached in one way or another to countless lawsuits, investigations, and there's still a group of people that is holding their breath for his tax retur-- wait a second there, let's look up at that last one.

NBC: Trump: I did not record conversations with James Comey

... that ... that just got released? Like, right when I was writing this?

CBS: Trump will hold fundraiser at his own hotel in D.C.

... that one too?

Oh, God damn it. Carry on. Do whatever you want. I don't care.


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