Path of Exile: Welcome!
A little guide for newcomers to the game
September 17, 2017

• Introduction
Welcome to Path of Exile! You start the game as an outcast from the land of Oriath, banished to the miserable world of Wraeclast (where its so blighted, no town apparently has more than a dozen people in it anymore). You can stay put (borrrrrring) or you can start helping out the townsfolk around you, which will lead you to destroying necromancers, bandits, warring factions, and eventually GOD. Yes, you at some point will make the Almighty your bitch, and that isn't even the END GAME.

• Classes
There are seven classes in Path of Exile; in the beginning, you can choose from six. Each class offers a different set of stats, rewards from quests, and starting location on the Passive Skill Tree.
- The Marauder hits things hard with sticks. (STR)
- The Witch casts elemental spells and raises the dead. (INT)
- The Ranger hits stuff with bows. (DEX)
- The Templar uses totems to cast spells/attacks. (STR/INT)
- The Shadow uses damage-over-time effects with knives and claws. (INT/DEX)
- The Duelist can use most all melee attacks and gets the most leech in-game. (STR/DEX)
Now, if you start reading guides on other websites, there are a wole lots of ways you can make classes do weird and fantastic stuff (Rangers with totems, melee Witches). Those usually cost currency that your first few characters won't have, and I don't have that much to give, either.

• What's With All The Gems?
There are two types of gems in Path of Exile: Skill Gems and Support Gems. Skill Gems give your character the chance to use different skills in battle, while Support Gems augment compatible Skill Gems and make them more compatible. As you play the tutorial, your character will get:
- 1 weapon with two linked sockets.
- One Skill Gem.
- One Support Gem compatible with the Skill Gem.
This gives you a chance to see how Skill and Support Gems work together. Support Gems need tow matching conditions to work:
- Support Gems need to be in linked sockets to Skill Gems. No link, no support. This makes late-game six-linked items extremely valuable.
- Support Gems need matching tags to the Skill gems they are supporting. Attack supports do NOT work with Spells, etc.

• What Skills/Supports/Passives Should I Use?
Almost every skill gem has *some* use in-game. For your first character, you can pick just about any skill, use three supports that support it, pick passives that help the skill, and at least make it to Act 5 Softcore.

• What Equipment Should I Look For?
If you are playing a character based on attacks, mostly all of the damage comes from your weapon. Physical damage is paramount, with elemental damage and attack speed as close seconds. For armor, the best modifiers to look for are life, resistances, and +to defense (wether its armor/evasion/energy shield). Elemental damage hits hard (especially with bosses and as you progress later).

• Where Did the Gold Go?
Path of Exile has a commodity-based currency. Twenty-some different types of currency can drop in the game. This currency can either be used to enhance your equipment, purchase stuff from non-player vendors, or trade with other players. Every bit of currency will hold some level of importance -- either for yourself, or for someone else. There's even a website to facilitate trades: works out great to trade currency for stuff as you level.

• Conclusion
All right, that's it for now. Get out there and figure the rest out yourself!


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