Interested in the old stuff? Here's the old stuff.

MARCH 2021

The Federal Minimum Wage is Fine, and Here's Why
Four Solutions to the Minimum Wage "Problem"

Happy Anniversary to
One year without recklessly deleting and resetting anything


Conspiracy Theory Generator
Looking for something to rally against? Look no further!


News Flash Cards 2021/01/27
Marjorie Taylor Greene, wallstreetbets and the holocaust

Hooray for Synergy!
Please accept this apology regarding buzzwords

An open letter to Representative Obernolte
Our first impression is you voting against the presidential election?

Parler: The Conservative Honeypot?
A warning of sorts to alternative social network users

No, the worst protesters were not undercover Antifa.
If they were, they were in reeeeal deep.

Weight For It: 2021 Edition
Part 0: Eat Fewer. Get more more done.


NEW GAME: dCoins
Click buttons, earn dCoins

Interesting Websites For December 2020
You know, besides

Plans For DivvyO in 2021
aka So I'm Thinking About Setting the Place On Fire...

Covid-19 Lies, Part Two
But wait, there's more ...


Thanksgiving Conversation Starters For the Whole Family
Need help breaking the ice? Here you go!

Social Media Declares Biden Campaign Manager Arrested For Election Fraud
And if the internet says it, it must be true. Right?

VIDEO: Making the Best Build in Path of Exile
How to create an awesome character for you

A Tiny Poem About The Election
Not much, really. Barely a sonnett.

Voter Fraud, Schmoter Fraud
A list of 2020-election-related lawsuits that may have been thrown out of court.

Welcome (back) to DivvyO v2020.11.0
Here are some new website updates, unless you're here for the first time


Stop Attacking Donald Trump Over Every Little Thing
That's all you bleeding-heart leftists seem to do these days

New Game: Mathathon
Who has the bestest, fastest, greatest math skills?

COVID-19 Lies, Part One
FEWER people will die in 2020! I swear!

About and Its Author
Absolutely everything you need to know.


Defenses in Path of Exile aka Try Not To Die
Keep dying in Path of Exile? Maybe stop focusing on offense

Arguing Against Arguing Against COVID-19
This one goes out to the old, sick and fat.

Show Extra Patriotism With This One Voting Trick
A public service announcement from Donald Trump and

The Store Is Online!
I mean, it was already online, but now it's ... onliner?

When Is It Okay to Kill?
Follow-up: Is this what we've come to?


Weight For It Part 2
The scales are starting to tip in my favor.

How I Got Flagged by Facebook for Hate Speech
Some algorithms just can't take a joke.

Video: Speedrunning in Path of Exile (Part 1)
Learn to go faster when you start playing Path of Exile

JULY 2020

Doing Some Sequels (Updates)
The next version of, on your screen!

My (Controversial) Coronavirus Video
Watch before it gets deleted!

Weight for It
Is it possible to tip the scales in my favor?

Path of Exile Video: Beginner's Guide
Some things to know before you go and start playing.

The Two Commandments of Donald Trump
Maybe two-and-a-half? I'm not that great at counting

Path of Exile Video: Going Hardcore
Use this video to try not to die!

The Horrible Truth of the Chinese Death Labs
Who's to blame for COVID-19, and why?

Path of Exile Video: All 18 Ascendancies
What character do you want to make in Path of Exile? This guide may not help.

I'm Jealous of Bevelyn Beatty
2020 is her year! #wwjd

Why I Still Play Path of Exile
This seven-year-old game has some serious legs.

Names of Larger PPP Recipients Released
Who wound up with some of the largest loans/grants?

Video: What Mainstream Media Isn't Telling You About Coronavirus
More like lame-stream medi-DUH, amirite?

Mission Statement
A necessary evil that is neither necessary or evil.

Henry Ford Study Shows HCQ Works Against COVID-19
It's not a cure-all, and there are conditions, but still!

Fifty-ish Things to Ponder About Donald Trump
Also: What's a Gish Gallop?

What Time We Have
Nobody knows how much time we have. But we can guess.

JUNE 2020

New Game: Hendecagon
Touch shapes whose colors match yours! Free to play on any web browser.

Won't someone rid me of these troublesome baristas?

Video: This is A Test
It is Only a Test.


Who needs Wordpress, Squarespace and/or Wix? #notepadwebsitegang