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Interested in the old stuff? Here's the old stuff.


Stop Attacking Donald Trump Over Every Little Thing
That's all you bleeding-heart leftists seem to do these days

New Game: Mathathon
Who has the bestest, fastest, greatest math skills?

COVID-19 Lies, Part One
FEWER people will die in 2020! I swear!

About and Its Author
Absolutely everything you need to know.


Defenses in Path of Exile aka Try Not To Die
Keep dying in Path of Exile? Maybe stop focusing on offense

Arguing Against Arguing Against COVID-19
This one goes out to the old, sick and fat.

Show Extra Patriotism With This One Voting Trick
A public service announcement from Donald Trump and

The Store Is Online!
I mean, it was already online, but now it's ... onliner?

When Is It Okay to Kill?
Follow-up: Is this what we've come to?


Weight For It Part 2
The scales are starting to tip in my favor.

How I Got Flagged by Facebook for Hate Speech
Some algorithms just can't take a joke.

Video: Speedrunning in Path of Exile (Part 1)
Learn to go faster when you start playing Path of Exile

JULY 2020

Doing Some Sequels (Updates)
The next version of, on your screen!

My (Controversial) Coronavirus Video
Watch before it gets deleted!

Weight for It
Is it possible to tip the scales in my favor?

Path of Exile Video: Beginner's Guide
Some things to know before you go and start playing.

The Two Commandments of Donald Trump
Maybe two-and-a-half? I'm not that great at counting

Path of Exile Video: Going Hardcore
Use this video to try not to die!

The Horrible Truth of the Chinese Death Labs
Who's to blame for COVID-19, and why?

Path of Exile Video: All 18 Ascendancies
What character do you want to make in Path of Exile? This guide may not help.

I'm Jealous of Bevelyn Beatty
2020 is her year! #wwjd

Why I Still Play Path of Exile
This seven-year-old game has some serious legs.

Names of Larger PPP Recipients Released
Who wound up with some of the largest loans/grants?

Video: What Mainstream Media Isn't Telling You About Coronavirus
More like lame-stream medi-DUH, amirite?

Mission Statement
A necessary evil that is neither necessary or evil.

Henry Ford Study Shows HCQ Works Against COVID-19
It's not a cure-all, and there are conditions, but still!

Fifty-ish Things to Ponder About Donald Trump
Also: What's a Gish Gallop?

What Time We Have
Nobody knows how much time we have. But we can guess.

JUNE 2020

New Game: Hendecagon
Touch shapes whose colors match yours! Free to play on any web browser.

Won't someone rid me of these troublesome baristas?

Video: This is A Test
It is Only a Test.

An Open Letter to Americans
There's nothing to worry about, this letter proves it.

Monero Mining and You
How to be like me and earn two whole dollars at home (or more!)

Why Prager University ... Isn't
What are they, then? Find out in this blatantly clickbait-y article!

What the Globalists Aren't Telling You
About Coronavirus, the NWO, and ... Ring Charts?

The Top 20 Cryptocurrencies Right Now
Right now being June 12, 2020. And only based on one metric.

It Isn't PSYOP, It's Just The News
This article was brought to you by: nobody. Honest.

Here's Eight and a Half Studies That Discredit HCQ
The Lancet wasn't the only study for HCQ and COVID-19.

The Names In the George Floyd Memorial
This was a rabbit hole I wasn't prepared for.

Revisiting Cryptocurrency in 2020
What's Happening With Bitcoin, Monero, Webdollar, Mining, and More

The Problems With Antifa
No matter what side of the aisle you sit on, there are a few.

APRIL 2020

I Love Skittles!
But these ones have a catch...

Know Before You Share
Some necessary pointers in these modern times

Play Trump Press Conference Bingo!
Frustrated with frustrating coronavirus press conferences? Not anymore!

Many Americans Are Getting Misled By This Foul News Trick
Read this, and have the veil lifted!


Flash Flashback: Synapse
Looking back at some not-garbage

Thousand Islands Final Version
The last thing I'll probably release in Construct 2

Oh, no
A funny thing happened on the way to my backups...


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