Interested in the old stuff? Here's the old stuff.

JUNE 2022

VIDEO: After Roe v. Wade, The Next Step for the Supreme Court
Stopping the Leak at the Source, So To Speak

I Need to Find an Idea
But not just any idea ...

Too Fat For Six Flags
Apparently old blog posts don't shed the lbs

VIDEO: What is DivvyO Playing?
My 3.18 Build That (Barely) Made It To Endgame

MAY 2022

The Pandemic Is Over!
Way to go! You did it, COVID deniers!

COMIC: Purity Test
Just like on TV!

APRIL 2022 Now Has A Comments Section
Dear God, what have I done?

The Final Story of Joseph Boever
A woeful tale of justice perverted

Four words that make your vote count more
Midterm. Local. Primary. Downballot.

What's Missing From the Biden Presidency?
Quit your bellyaching and I'll tell you

MARCH 2022

DivvyO is Expanding
I swear this isn't weight related.

Gun Control is Blowing Up Right Now
A novel solution to second amendment issues

You Are Going To Die
And other fun ideas to brighten your day

DivvyO's Best(?) of 2021
Timely Posted Three Months Into 2022

Don't Buy An Electric Car
Not now, in the future, or even in the past


Listen To Trump About Ukraine/Russia
Why his ideas are a clear choice

COMIC: Forgiveness
It wins out over permission, every time


COMIC: No Big Deal
Kids! You'll All Be Just Fine!

M&Ms Characters To Become More Inclusive
Plans to change representation ... and more

COMIC: All-natural
Mostly Organic and Naturalish Flavors



These are not the droids you're looking for. Move along
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