The Names In the George Floyd Memorial
June 08, 2020

This was a rabbit hole I wasn't prepared for.

One of the murals for George Floyd has a list of names in the background. Some of them looked familiar, but I had no idea who the others were. I decided to look up as many as I could. It was a sobering experience, and worth sharing.

Terrence Crutcher
Shot and tazed by police September 16, 2016 in Tulsa Oklahoma when he wouldn't follow commands after abandoning his car. He was unarmed. Officer Betty Jo Shelby was tried and found not guilty of first-degree manslaughter. She works as a Rogers County Sherrif's Deputy.

Jeremy M(cDole)
Shot by police September 23, 2015 when he wouldn't follow commands to raise his hands. Police say Jeremy McDole was armed with a handgun at the time of the shooting. Video footage shows that Jeremy was reaching around his waistband for something. The four involved officers were not charged with any crime.

Tamir Rice
Shot by police November 22, 2014. Was playing with an Airsoft replica pistol that had the orange tip missing. The dispatcher failed to relay to the officer information that Tamir was "probably a juvenile" and the gun was "probably a fake." Tamir was 12 years old. The officer was fired and found not guilty.

Philando Castile
Shot by police July 6, 2016. Philando was stopped by police where he disclosed that he was carrying a firearm. Officer Yanez shot Philando Castile five times, killing him. Five months later, Yanez was charged with second degree manslaughter. He was found not-guilty.

Akai Gurley
Shot by police November 20, 2014. Two officers were in an unlit stairwell of a housing authority building when Akai Gurley and his girlfriend entered through a door below the officers. Officer Liang fired his weapon, the bullet ricocheted off a wall and struck Akai in the chest. Liang was sentenced to five years probation and 800 hours of community service.

Kendra James
Shot by police May 5, 2003. Kendra was a passenger in a car whose driver was arrested for having an outstanding warrant. When she moved from the back seat to the driver's seat, officer Scott McCollister made several attempts to remove Kendra from the driver's seat. After no success with a taser and a unable to use his pepper spray, McCollister drew his firearm. Kendra was shot when Officer McCollister felt the car move. A grand jury chose not to prosecute.

Freddie Gray
Freddie Gray was arrested on April 12, 2015. He died a week later. Gray fled from officers who were patrolling through Baltimore on bicycles. He was arrested after officers found a spring-assisted knife in his posession. While Gray was detained in the back of a windowless van with no seatbelts, the officers made four different stops throughout the city before they arrived at the police station. Between the arrest and the ride, Gray suffered three fractured vertebrae, injuries to his voice box, and his spine 80% severed at his neck. He died on the 19th. Of the six officers involved, only three were tried and all were acquitted of any criminal wrongdoing.

Michael Brown
Michael Brown died on August 9, 2014. Officer Darren Wilson was looking for a suspect involved in a theft of a box of Swisher cigars. While witness accounts widely vary about the beginning of the incident, Michael Brown allegedly tried to wrest control of Officer Wilson's gun from him. Brown was shot in the hand and fled on foot. At some point in the pursuit, Officer Wilson shot Brown six times, where he died on the street. A grand jury chose not to indict Officer Wilson.

Terrance Franklin
Terrance Franklin died May 10, 2013. Franklin, a burglary suspect in Minnesota, was cornered in a basement by officers after fleeing police. A struggle ensued between Franklin and at least five officers and one K9, during which Franklin allegedly pulled the trigger on Officer Mark Durand's gun, shooting Officers Michael Meath and Ricardo Muro in the leg. An unidentified undercover officer shot Franklin multiple times, killing him.

Tyisha Mille(r)
Tyisha Miller was shot by police on December 28, 1998. Miller was alone in a stopped car with a flat tire. When her family arrived to help her, they found her seemingly comatose with a gun in her lap. Unable to wake her, they called 911. When the police arrived, the family told them about the gun in the car. Upon hearing this, they went to retrieve the gun with their own weapons drawn. Miller was said to have woken up and grabbed the weapon, so the four officers opened fire. Tyisha was 19 years old. None of the officers were charged.

Eric Garner
Eric Garner died in custody July 14, 2014. On Staten Island, Garner was approached by a plainclothes police officer Justin D'Amico accusing him of selling loose cigarettes. A second officer, Daniel Pantaleo attempted to handcuff Eric Garner, which led to a physical altercation where Pantaleo placed his arm around Garner's neck and eventually pulled him to the ground. Garner's face was pushed into the sidewalk. A police sergeant noticed that Garner was having trouble breathing, so he called an ambulance. Garner reportedly had a heart attack on the way to the hospital and died an hour later. A grand jury decided not to indict Pantaleo. Attorney General William Barr made the decision that the officers involved would not face federal charges.

Breonna Taylor
Shot by police on March 23, 2020. Police entered Taylor's home unannounced, looking for two suspected drug dealers. Not knowing who the intruding officers were, Taylor's boyfriend armed himself and opened fire. The officers returned fire, killing Taylor. An investigation is pending regarding the officer's activity.

Shantel Davis
June 14, 2012. Shantel Davis drove an allegedly stolen car through the streets erratically, colliding into a minivan. The pursuing officer attempted to restrain her after the accident, and when she didn't cooperate he shot her in the chest. Shantel Davis was unarmed. The officer was not charged.

Walter Scott
Shot by police April 4, 2015. Walter Scott was stopped by officer Michael Slager for a broken brake light. After Slager returned to his patrol car, Scott abandoned his car and fled on foot. Slager pursued on foot, and after a physical altercation and tazing of Scott by Slager, Scott attempted to flee a second time. Slager shot Scott repeatedly in the back as he fled. In 2017, Slager was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Sandra Bland
Committed suicide in custody July 13, 2015. Sandra Bland was pulled over for falling to signal while making a lane change. the traffic stop escalated to a violent arrest, starting when Sandra didn't put out a cigarette when ordered. while in custody, Sandra Bland hung herself with a plastic bag.

These were all the names I could read clearly. I know there are a few partial names on the wall, if anyone could help me with who they were on Facebook, I'd like to be able to fill out this list.


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