It Isn't PSYOP, It's Just The News
June 11, 2020

This article was brought to you by: nobody. Honest.

Lately I've seen a word pop up on my social media feed a lot more often than usual: PSYOP. When you look at PSYOP on Wikipedia, it's short for PSYchological OPerations, where it's a way to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning. People are going onto social media to declare that major news outlets are using this as a tactic to shape American's way of thinking.

... and?

Every news organization does this is one way or another. If you look hard enough, bias is everywhere. News companies have owners and managers and advertisers and viewers they need to keep happy. Look at it this way: there are top stories and there are breaking news. Ususally there can only be one of these at a time. There are multiple newsworthy events happening globally, so news agenciees have to pick. Maybe they put an added slant on the way their articles are worded to "push an agenda," maybe they don't.

While some of these companies may try as hard as they can to have fact-based, fair reporting, those types of reporters wind up getting drowned out by a sea of over-emotional, talking heads. Editorialists like Tucker Carlson, Anderson Cooper, and John Oliver (yeah, him too) tell the news with an added twist: they tell you how to feel about it. This manipulation of the news works its way down to independent blogs that only occaisionaly report on the news (wink wink). If you look at the news exclusively from one outlet, it's easy to surmise that it could be a ... psychological operation of some kind.

How can you, a regular human person, combat this kind of emotional chicanery?

- When something happens that you're interested in, try to read about it from multiple sources. This doesn't mean Carlson and Ingraham, this means going across the spectrum. See how different people may percieve the same things.

- Try to avoid over-editorialized content. Articles that focus on how the author is feeling (or how you the reader/viewer should feel) instead of what is happening is outright criminal, and all the authors of this filth should be locked up indefinetly without bail. Disgusting!

- Think about an article critically. Something came across my view the other day where police raised a Thin Blue Line flag in the Hamilton County Justice Center in Cincinnati instead of an American one, and it got my jimmies rustled. You don't replace the American flag! I thought, What in the heck are these police officers thinking?!?. When I looked into it through additional sources, however, there were two main points that the first article failed to note:

1) The thin blue line flag was taken down within 24 hours, and replaced with the orginal color scheme.

2) The American flag that was up there to begin with was stolen by protesters.

With those added facts, it makes the story more clear than one person trying to push a narrative of "Law Enforcement Thinks Less Of America." In the end, if you're looking at current events and your dander starts coming loose, remember:

It isn't PsyOp, it's just the news.


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