June 27, 2020

Won't someone rid me of these troublesome baristas?

We're at the cusp of a dire national crisis. Not coronavirus, unemployment, or murder hornets. One group of people are clearly and blatantly using their privilege to treat another group with disrespect and hate. This vilification has happened for decades, and has spread throughout the nation. Legislators do little to curb these horrible injustices, and those in charge tend to offer half-hearted apologies, then look the other way.

I am, of course talking about police officers, and the way they get treated by Starbucks employees.

There are multiple cases of Starbucks partners using their positions of power to make a police officer's life a living hell. From making drinks wrong, to writing inappropriate messages on cups, to sometimes refusing service for ten whole minutes, this constant abuse at the hands of Starbucks employees has to stop today. Over the last decade, there have been at least five recorded cases of partners abusing officers. And that's five. Too. Many.

What's worse is the lack of any disciplinary consequence among baristas. When one gets caught doing wrong (say, against a uniformed deputy), they usually get written up and left to continue operating in whatever way they see fit. This allows bad baristas to continue to behave in a foul, anti-police manner if they choose. Repeat or severe offenders may get suspended or fired, but even terminated employees can often find gainful employment as a barista elsewhere. It's a maddening situation, where the wicked never truly get punished and the victimized officers of the law never see justice.

Between their unions, pensions, lawyers, protective fraternal brotherhoods, salary, qualified immunity, and deification from regular citizens, police officers are some of the most underpriviledged people in American society today. They don't need to be mistreated by baristas while they're at it. This way of life can't continue. There needs to be change. I suggest that substandard Starbucks baristas need to be hit with mandatory prison sentences. Let's face it: these people who are supposed to provide a top level of service and customer care ... aren't. We don't care if they work all hours of the day, or have to deal with the dregs of American society. When mistakes get made, they need to be punished. Using 2% instead of soy milk should be met with a minimum three years prison. Coffee too cold? Four years. Beans burnt? Ten years. Mis-spelled name on the cup? That's the chair.

Another direction we can go is to #DefundStarbucks. Now, I'm not saying take all the money away from the largest coffee chain in America, they do provide some social good. But they offer too many services than they should, and those services can be better taken care of elsewhere. For example: food. Instead of going to Starbucks for a breakfast sandwich, why not something out of Panera, or Dunkin? Would it be so crazy to go to a local bakery? Or the radical leftist hippie-dippie approach of making your own coffee and breakfast at home?

The cases of abuse against innocent law enforcement by malicious Starbucks employees has to end. Write your Congressman, cc Howard Schultz, share this everywhere on social media, let's start the movement, do whatever you can to show those power-mongering, lawless baristas what for.



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