New Game: Hendecagon
June 29, 2020

Touch shapes whose colors match yours! Free to play on any web browser.

Click here to play. Works anywhere (I think)!

Before Scirra stops fully supporting Construct 2, I figured I'd put up a few of the games I had worked on in the past. Hendecagon (or Prismatica, or Balls of a Certain Color) was an idea I had made in many different formats, this one is the most recent and final one (until I start working on a different game engine).

If you're able to read this blog post, you're able to play this game. It should work down to some of the most basic of systems, so have fun! Share your high score with me via a screenshot on Facebook or Twitter. I'm looking forward to seeing them.


You are the white hendecagon

Click or tap to move around

Touching a circle changes your color

Touch polygons of the same color to earn points

Avoid touching polygons of different colors

The more polygons you touch without switching color, the more points you get

Let polygons touch you (don't move) and earn triple score

Thanks for playing!


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