Henry Ford Study Shows HCQ Works Against COVID-19
July 04, 2020

It's not a cure-all, and there are conditions, but still!

Henry Ford Study Shows HCQ Actually Works Against COVID It's not a cure-all, and there are conditions, but still! In a really interesting turn of events, the Henry Ford Health System published a study involving 2,500 people that shows controversial drug Hydroxychloroquine actually works in preventing mortality against patients fighting COVID-19.

This is an interesting study because of a few reasons:

1) It is the first that has shown any success of HCQ against COVID that has involved more than 100 people. Most success stories from the drug have either involved purely anecdotal evidence from fame-seeking doctors, or an extremely limited sample size that makes it difficult to evaluate the effects of any medical procedure or drug.

2) It points out that while HCQ helps against COVID-19, it's not a cure-all. Mortality rate does not drop to 0% with HCQ. It doesn't drop to 0% with HCQ + azithromycin. It does improve your chances according to this study, however.

2) It's the first that points out that HCQ works best if taken as soon as possible in the fight against COVID-19. None of the studies that I pored through earlier pointed out a "best time" to start using HCQ.

If there's one thing critical to be said about the study, is that it fails to clearly point out how the use of steroids on patients also appears to improve survival chances. A majority of the patients in the study that were given HCQ or azithromycin (or both) were also given steroids of some kind, while patients that recieved neither medication also recieved no steroids. The survival rate of patients clearly appeared to improve based on the use of steroids.

Even still, it's good to see some good news about any potential COVID treatment. Hopefully peer-review and scrutiny shows that HCQ has some effect in at least a prophylactic state, because the US has a huge stockpile of it (and redmesivir is waaaaay too expensive).



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