Mission Statement
July 04, 2020

A necessary evil that is neither necessary or evil.

With divvyo.com almost on daily updates, this website is practically a business. An unintentional non-for-profit business, but still ... that means it's mission statement time! Usually mission statements are flowery affairs to describe a business goal that uses corporate buzzwords like someone lost a bet ... Synergizing our deliverables into a market-ready target consumer base of bleeding-edge professional yak farts.

With that all said, there needs to be a clear direction of what divvyo.com is going to be in the near future. Clarity is important for you, my possibly only viewer this week. Here it is:

To deliver interesting and original stuff online, without a cavalcade of tracking cookies or advertising.

All right, some things to point out. I can't guarantee everything in the above statement will be true for my inevitable, future "burn-it-all-down-and-try-to-make-something-better" period where I burn down the website and rebuild it into something worse. But for now, there's little-to-no advertising. You might catch me shilling for myself, but that's it. Also, there's no cookies. I hate those things. I don't want to put those little pop up messages on my website that say "HEY I USE COOKIES ARE YOU OK WITH THAT (yes/no/go-to-hell)?"

If you agree with what I've been doing lately, please find it in your heart to support me. All of my social media channels need subscribers/followers/likes/whatevers, and I've also started a patreon so people can follow along with what I've been working on for the next big update.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the Mission Statement part of this site. That's pretty cool of you. I mean, who clicks on a dry old mission statement link? Apparently, awesome people like you so.

Joe "DivvyO" Erickson



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