Video: What Mainstream Media Isn't Telling You About Coronavirus
July 06, 2020

More like lame-stream medi-DUH, amirite?

I put together five points I'd like to share about some of the things you may not be hearing from your mainstream-media-outlet of choice about good ol' COVID-19.

The United States response to coronavirus has turned us into a global laughingstock

Leaders from other countries look at the United States and see an example of what not do do during a pandemic. As Europe begins to open its borders, United States citizens have been banned from travelling there. Our inability to control the spread and effects of coronavirus has made us weaker in the eyes of other countries around the world. The worst part is, some of us just don't care.

Some people just can't care about their fellow man

People want to go to the gym. Or get their nails done. Or worship publicly. Even if they could work out at home. Or practice doing their nails with their off-hand. Or worship privately. They don't want to change. They like things the way ther are. And they have their reasons.

When told to wear a mask, they say they have problems breathing.
When told to socially distance, they call out that their freedoms are being attacked.
When told to consider contact tracing, they hyperbolize contact tracing into people getting forcibly removed from their homes.

They can't be bothered to change, and in the end, they can't be bothered to care.

Dissenting opinions don't need to be given equal weight

Even as our death rate has passed 100 thousand people, and the number of cases continue to rise, there are still people out there somehow advocating FOR the spread of coronavirus. *** They say things like "What about the economy?" "Look at all the *negative* cases!" "The government is mis-reporting the numbers!" "This disease has a 99% survival rate!" Now, all of those are valid points. They simply don't hold enough weight against "what about the dead?" "Look at the POSITIVE cases" "The government UNDERestimated their numbers on Coronavirus" and "This disease has a 1% mortality rate."

This disease doesn't need everyone to go away

You know, COVID-19 has a good chance of going away on its own. It's going to happen. The question is: how many people are you OK with coronavirus killing? Do you want it to stop as soon as possible? Do you want it to burn through the population until it hits someone you know? Or do you just not care either way?

A Final Analogy

In the end, we can make a conscious choice to combat the spread of coronavirus. I can stay at home, mask up, dilligently wash my hands, socially distance, and work under the assumption that everyone around me has it. You could choose not to. Its your right as an American. You can justify it because of any of the reasons earlier, or maybe something I haven't included. You do you.

If that's the case, though, you should have no problem with me driving drunk. I like driving drunk. I've been doing it for years and I'll keep doing it until the day I die. I could consider it a personal attack on my freedom if someone tries to stop me from driving drunk. There's plenty of statistics of drunk drivers NOT wrapping themselves around a tree or getting into fatal car accidents. Fatal drunk driving car accidents are things that happen to OTHER people. Not this guy!

Besides, won't anyone think about the economy? I'm helping support the livelihoods of countless local bars and liquor stores! It doesn't matter if you know someone who died as a result of drunk driving. The government mis-reports that sort of stuff all the time, and besides, we're all going to die sometime. You do you, and I'll do me.



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