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I'm Jealous of Bevelyn Beatty
July 09, 2020

2020 is her year! #wwjd

As I sit at home, nearing the fifth month of the COVID pandemic, I think of all the things I have been missing. The beach! Disneyland! A consistent paycheck! I can't gripe, though, because the lockdown has given me a chance to write more and I'm proud to report that has now given me a sense of accomplishment on top of the decades-long hole it has burnt into my wallet.

But enough about me, this is about someone who has been recently trending in right-wing news. Bevelyn Beatty has spent most of 2020 out there pounding the pavement for her "ministry," gaining social media support, and I'll admit: I'm jealous! Why, you may ask?

Bevelyn Beatty gets to travel the country!

Bevelyn Beatty has spent 2020 travelling from politically active hot spot to politically active hot spot. While the country was still trying to lockdown and isolate from COVID, she went to a Louisville, KY in-person Easter service. When the George Floyd protests were going on in New York City, she was there to protest in front of a Planned Parenthood office. When CHAZ/CHOP was happening in Seattle, she was there to preach about how Joe Biden is going to kill black people. When Cape Town, Florida was voting on a mask ordinance, she was there to ... get arrested for sneaking around security?

Bevelyn Beatty has been going on a national tour during the COVID epidemic. As someone who's been self-isolating, I couldn't help but think "hasn't anyone tried to stop Bevelyn Beatty?" Yup!

Bevelyn Beatty gets arrested, and it's OK!

In two out of the four above places Beatty traveled to, it has ended with her eventual arrest or detainment. Ignoring her 2017 assault that forced her to drop out of an election for Maine State Representative, or her troubled past that she flaunts on the website of the ministry she preaches for (and runs), Bevelyn Beatty puts herself in arrest-able situations. That alone is not a big deal. She's a minister, preaching the word (except when she isn't, then she's a protester, protesting). When protesters protest (ministers ... administrate?), it has to be somewhere with lots of people in order to get maximum awareness. The problem here is that when you don't follow the rules of law, you run the risk of getting arrested. The neat thing about Beatty's situation, however, is that if she winds up getting arrested, she gets her bail posted for her by sympathetic supporters, and she's free to keep living that #bestlife.

Why the heck am I talking about Bevelyn Beatty in the first place?

This is a woman who is going out in the middle of a global pandemic and fighting the fight that she feels needs to be fought! On top of that, she is apparently making a living off of this protesting/ministry, as she has the time and the means to have been doing this national tour for months with no clear sign of stopping.

Some people may look at the actions of Bevelyn Beatty and see the actions of a paid protester, agent provocateur or astroturfer, as she clearly is travelling to places she does not live with the explicit intention to stir the pot. Some people may consider it foolish to bounce across state lines in the middle of a national health crisis, at worst acting as a disease vector and at best normalizing this activity for other people to do the same. Some people may question her motives, as a self-proclaimed street minister is preaching the lack of wearing a mask and making political assumptions instead of spreading the word of God.

Not me!

Ignore the arrests, ignore the assault conviction. Ignore the fact that Bevelyn Beatty is pro-coronavirus. Ignore the fact that Beatty's ministry doesn't have an actual, physical location. Ignore all that stuff. In fact, ignore Bevelyn Beatty. That's what I'm going to do. After all, isn't jealousy a sin?



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