Weight For It Part 2
August 27, 2020

The scales are starting to tip in my favor.

So far, I'm winning the fight against the fat in my body. It has been four weeks since I pledged that I was going to get skinnier, and in those 31 days weeks it looks like I have lost ... four pounds.

When I was younger, I could shed weight like crazy. It was easy, I was young. Having an extremely physical job didn't hurt. Living off saltines and root beer sometimes didn't hurt, either (at least in the weight loss department). On top of being older, I don't have the same job anymore (or at least the extremely taxing hours), and I can afford actual food now, so weight loss is a little bit more difficult now.

Still, there's a few things I have learned along the way that seem to be helping:

It's a marathon, not a sprint

This was beaten into me in the beginning of my journey, as I would weigh myself every morning after waking up, and fluctuations on the scale would give me fits. If I'm actively trying to lose weight, why would the scale show me that I'm four pounds heavier than I was at the start? Stupid scale.

A tool I used here to help was a seven-day average that allowed me to compare my weight loss over the week. If I compared my daily weight loss (today vs. yesterday), there were 14 days of losses and 16 days of gains. Certainly disheartening. Looking at a seven day average, however, gave me 17 days of losses and only 8 days of gains. It helped show that I was slowly chipping away at my body.

Be 'better,' not 'perfect'

This month my focus was my diet -- cutting out unhealthy snacks and trying to eat more foods that don't come in a box. I've been doing a lot better with that. I don't hole up in my office and kill entire family-size bags of chips in one sitting anymore. Have my food choices been perfect every meal, every day? No. But they're better, and that helps.

With the first full month wrapping up, however, I couldn't help but notice my complete lack of an exercise regimen. This month will be a focus on getting more active. Walking, low-impact cardio and light free weights are all ideas on the table. Riding off the little victories of this month, I have more faith in future-me to take advantage of these exercise options.

Adjust goals and procedure accordingly

Right now, I'm averaging at 257~258 lbs. At 6'1", that means my BMI is well over 30 which places me squarely in the "obese" catergory. Getting to "healthy" means I have to drop 68 pounds. Simply getting to "overweight" means I have to lose 28 pounds. I originally wanted to get to "overweight" (under 230) by New Years 2021, which is 18 weeks away. With me losing weight at a rate of one-pound-a-week, however, I am set to hit the "overweight" target somewhere in March.

Does this mean I adjust my goal to March? No! At least, not yet. I still have time to make more lifestyle changes before the end of the year. Now I have motivation to exercise more, and see how it affects my weight loss journey. If the losses are still slow, then I'll adjust my goals. I'll see everyone at the end of next month for further updates. For now, it's time to hit the weights.



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