Show Extra Patriotism With This One Voting Trick
September 03, 2020

A public service announcement from Donald Trump and

The 2020 election is ramping up to be an exciting one. With the presidential candidates arguing that the soul, heart, spirit, and taste of the nation is at stake, people are trying different methods to help get out the vote. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and the eight remaining members of the National Green Party are all doing what they can to increase voter activity.

With President Trump suggesting that voters should use both mail-in and in-person ballots this upcoming election, I have come up with a new slogan to help get out the votes. It's a three step plan:

You're welcome, America!

Remember, if you're voting more than once in this election, bring your proof of both completed votes to your local law enforcement agency for verification. Make sure you declare that you voted multiple times and can procure proof if needed. It will help expedite your processing.

DISCLAIMER: For pete's sakes, don't try to vote twice in a single election.



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