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Arguing Against Arguing Against COVID-19
September 10, 2020

This one goes out to the old, sick and fat.

As we get into September, I have been hearing people get on social media (and talk in real life) to continue to downplay Coronavirus.

I hear people say "Coronavirus is no big deal, it only goes after the old, sick and fat." True, statistics show that people have the largest potential to die/get hospitalized if they're older, bigger or already fighting some other disease. While your chances are lower to get seriously ill if you're young, fit and healthy, what kind of person effectively says "I can't be roused to care about the old, sick and fat because I can't eat sitting down in my local Wendy's"?

NOTE: I'm not trying to make light of people who have lost their job or have had their business shuttered because of the response to this pandemic. That sucks, too. I want the country to get back to work again, but it's not going to happen without people taking this disease more seriously.

I hear people say "the numbers are cooked, only 6% of Coronavirus cases die only of Coronavirus!" This comes from a CDC report that said 94% of Coronavirus deaths had comorbidities. Coronavirus attacks the heart and lungs. People who get Coronavirus can develop a number of additional issues on top of it. Pneumonia, hypertension, respiratory failure and more can show up in addition to their infection. If they contract any one of those while fighting Coronavirus and die, they are getting included on their death certificate.

I hear people say "people are still not dying of Coronavirus, but just getting misreported." We shouldn't trust Coronavirus case or death counts. There has been a provisional death count updated daily on the CDC. In the first six months of the pandemic (February 1 to August), the CDC report lists Coronavirus deaths as 157,843. The report also estimates that there have been 200,000 excess deaths (compared against last year) from February to August. If Coronavirus didn't kill this extra fifth-of-a-million people, what's doing it?

Please treat this disease more seriously. Please wear an appropriate mask when in public and you can't socially distance. Wearing a mask doesn't mean the child sex traffickers win (I've heard that one, too). Please have your mask cover your mouth and nose. Please keep your hands clean and off your face. Please worship safely. Please protest safely. Please don't downplay the effects of this pandemic as it rides into its seventh month. Burying your head in the sand will only work if you literally do just that.



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