Stop Attacking Donald Trump Over Every Little Thing
October 25, 2020

That's all you bleeding-heart leftists seem to do these days

I'm frankly getting tired of all these liberal snowflakes going after every little aspect of Donald Trump's behavior. With the election coming in a few days, there's nothing worse than throwing flimsy, baseless arguments against someone who has been tirelessly working to Make America Great Again!

Don't attack Donald Trump's health. His personal doctors have repeatedly said he's a specimen of perfect health. This argument holds no weight, and attacking him for things like being unable to walk down a ramp, drink a glass of water without two hands, his dancing with an arm and a half, taking cognitive exams meant for people with brain injuries, his inability to stand up straight, his slurring of words, rambling incoherently at rallies, multiple unplanned and unexplained trips to the hospital, or any other piece of trash you can dig up is just insane.

I mean, come on! This man beat COVID-19! He didn't even need hydroxychloroquine to do it! Never mind the fact that doctors threw half a million dollars of treatment at him, including ones borne from fetal stem cells and others still in clinical trials. He's one tough president! If I ever need to go to the hospital, I hope to see a six-figure medical bill at the end of it, because that's the American Way! Trump's physical and mental health is superb, so stop trying to question it!

Also, don't attack Donald Trump's personality. Sure, he may have sent six-figure checks to porn stars to keep them quiet about how he allegedly raw-dogged them while his wife was at home with their newborn son. And who can forget "grab her by the pussy?" You hippie leftists sure can't. Haven't we all mocked a disabled reporter some time in our lives? We all say stuff like that! It's just locker room talk! Why don't you attack something of substance, like how he repeatedly calls right-wing terrorists "very fine people" and when given the choice to side with a Governor who was the target of a kidnapping attempt, he sided with the kidnappers? Or how it's been months and he hasn't said anything about Russia's granting of bounties to people who bring in dead American soldiers in Afghanistan? Get it straight, liberals!

And can you stop attacking Trump's policies? It's only been four years, two of which had a Republican House and Senate! You have to give him time to build a wall, lock up Hillary, release his tax returns, arrest Hunter Biden for corruption, arrest Barack Obama for Obamagate, repeal and replace Obamacare, start infrastructure week, rake the forests, and fix the damage that a totally inexplicable massive rise in unemployment has done to our economy! These things take time! Specifically, four more years! Right now, this man is busy getting things done! Like cramming in as many conservative federal judges he can for lifetime appointments! While that's happening, Trump can sometimes hold two campaign rallies in a single day! For those of you libcucks still reading this, that's getting thousands of people together in close quarters where they can share each other's space, and breath, and aerosolized water droplets. What a brave thing to do while still in the middle of a pandemic!

And above all else, stop attacking Donald Trump's children. It's a low blow to go after a politician's family. They don't deserve the criticism or hate for something their relatives do. After all, don't we all have that one uncle we disagree with, politically? We still save him a plate at Thanksgiving (unless he may be Antifa). Stop dragging Trump's family through the mud. It's reckless. If you want to find something to be critical of, go after Trump's mostly ineffective White House appointees, like Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, or Donald Trump, Jr.

So knock it off, you limp-wristed liberal pansies. Don't attack Donald Trump over every little thing. And stay away from his family. It comes off as crass, and immature. Making mountains out of made-up, fake news molehills seem to be all you ding dongs are good at. Now if you'll excuse me, I have go explain to some people about how a legally blind PC tech living thousands of miles away from Hunter Biden came across his laptop and found out all its juicy, damning secrets and is in no way a completely fabricated disinformation campaign brought about by Rudy Giuliani.



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