Welcome (back) to DivvyO v2020.11.0
November 04, 2020

Here are some new website updates, unless you're here for the first time

Hi! If you've never been here before, welcome to all the new-to-you stuff! If you were a fan of divvyo.com from years ago, you may have noticed that a few things have changed.

There is no more offensive, badly-written webcomic.

There is no more offensive, badly-written music.

The store is gone. Nobody bought from it, anyway.

However, many things have stayed. More have been added.

The blog is still here. The arcade is back. I'm doing my best to keep both of those inoffensive and well-written.

I tweaked the logo a bit. It will probably be forever in need of further tweakage.

There is an account system now, which will tie into many of the games for added functionality. Signing up is free, and gets you completely useless points!

Once I reach ~100 registered users, I'll be adding in a chatroom / forum functionality so you guys can all talk to each other.

I have also added a ko-fi and a patreon for anyone looking to help finance this whole endeavor.

I made one first-party cookie to keep you logged in when you leave and come back. I'm still against third-party stuff coming in and sniffing out all the stuff you do here.

Enjoy the new site! I'll try to keep everything updated on an every-other-day basis (but don't quote me on that).



Work on actual content? Nah, let's make a random send-of-site stinger