Voter Fraud, Schmoter Fraud
November 05, 2020

A list of 2020-election-related lawsuits that may have been thrown out of court.

Between sharpiegate, "voter watchers," and an attempt to selectively stop (or continue) ballot counts, there's a lot to unpack with this election. A fun little piece of this whole ordeal is the number of lawsuits Team Trump has thrown at the courts regarding cases of voter or election fraud, and by fun I mean overly hostile and irresponsible.

SUPER BIG UPDATE: It's now November 17th, 2020. Election Day was 2 weeks ago. While I had tried to keep tabs on every single lawsuit the Trump campaign has thrown at the United States, the fine folks at Stanford/MIT working at have been tracking the now 30+ lawsuits brought against different states and government officials in an attempt to dispute the results of the election and how it was handled.

For those of you who need a TL;DR:

32 total cases have been opened
7 still open
7 dismissed by plaintiff
13 ruled against plaintiff
5 ruled towards plaintiff

The rulings towards plaintiffs:
- Polling places in Nevada were granted the opportunity to stay open an extra hour due to polling machine malfunctions.
- Pennsylvania ballots received after 8:00 PM on November 3rd were set to be segregated and if counted, to be recorded separately. They were not thrown out or considered invalid/fraudulent.
- A Pennsylvania "Proof of ID" law that has a deadline of November 9th was not allowed to be extended to November 12th.
- Pennsylvania observers were given the chance to stay within 6 feet of all poll watchers.
- Pennsylvania provisional ballots received in a timely manner on Election Day were segregated and secured pending determination on their validity. They were not thrown out or considered invalid/fraudulent. was where I got the most recent update, but more can be found at



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