Social Media Declares Biden Campaign Manager Arrested For Election Fraud
November 18, 2020

And if the internet says it, it must be true. Right?

On November 16th, social media began exploding with reports of the arrest of Dallas Jones for election fraud. Dallas Jones has connections to the Biden presidential campaign in Texas, so news like this was a godsend for Republicans paying attention to all the investigations/audits/recounts/lawsuits pertaining to the 2020 Presidential Election. Finally, something happened that proves election fraud is happening! Surely this will be a big, national story!

Except mainstream media wasn't picking up this story. Nobody was touching this save for social media and some far-right blogs. That's okay, though. Mainstream media has a liberal bias, of course they weren't going to pick up this hot news item. Besides, there were pictures of Dallas Jones being arrested that are getting shared everywhere. You can't fake that!

Except the pictures weren't of Dallas Jones being arrested. They were of Cuba Gooding, Jr. being arrested back in 2019. People were sharing pictures of one black guy getting arrested and using it as evidence that a completely different one was getting arrested, instead. That's okay, a simple organizational error and totally not racist. There are still affidavits and court records that prove Dallas Jones was arrested and charged with election fraud!

Except Dallas Jones was never arrested in the first place. There are zero county records of his arrest, and the only "court record" that mentions him by name is an affidavit from a lawsuit earlier in the year that eventually found no wrongdoing.

There are two terrible things about this story:

1) Anyone could have debunked this malarkey with even the most rudimentary of fact-checking. Instead, it was shared and shared and shared for at least a full day before all the fact checking websites sunk their teeth into this thing (which, according to my conservative friends, also have a liberal bias and can't be trusted).

2) Nobody is correcting themselves on this. It's still getting shared. After an obviously fabricated story like this comes out, how long is it going to take for people to realize that what they read about a Democratic campaign manager committing election fraud was, in fact, fake news?

Nationwide, there are a almost-countless number of arrests, indictments, lawsuits and more regarding the election. In addition to the Trump Campaign's lawsuits full of hearsay and other logical/legal fallacies, there are actual cases of individuals being arrested over voter and election fraud. Do their attempts sway elections one way or another? No. They get caught, and the accusations against them are so small that they can't do much to tilt the results in states with the slimmest of margins, like the 14,000-vote difference in Georgia.

But people continue to have no faith in the election's results, and declare that there must be a problem. Either it's sharpies, or voting machines, or incorrect news broadcast estimates, or counters that are more than 6 feet away from checkers, or counters with BLM shirts, or counters who roll their eyes at Trump ballots, or vote curing, or voting machine software, or backdating, or all mail in ballots, or literally all Democrats.

At this point, two weeks after Election Day, it's becoming clear the problem isn't any of those things.

So what's the problem?




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