Thanksgiving Conversation Starters For the Whole Family
November 26, 2020

Need help breaking the ice? Here you go!

Thanksgiving is here, and with that, holidays! And with that, big family gatherings! Maybe, I don't know, there's a big pandemic, but you do you ...

For those of you spending the holidays with your extended family, 2020 has given us a number of interesting and fun new topics for the dinner table.

Here's the ones I'd use:

"Who do you think will win the Thanksgiving football games? Which players are on your fantasy team/teams?"

"What is your favorite Thanksgiving side?"

"Has anyone heard any new updates about Hunter Biden's laptop?"

"If the holidays were a candle, what scent would it be?"

"What do you think (insert name here) wants for the Gift Exchange this year?"

"Why is Donald Trump trying to disenfranchise 70 million voters by overturning the presidential election?"

Let's not forget these fun topics for the kids:

"Can you name all eight reindeer?" (bonus points for Rudolph and Olive)

"Who would win in a snowball fight, Proud Boys or Antifa?"

"What kind of pie would you like to eat this holiday season?"

"Who do you think gave the order to kill Jeffrey Epstein?"

Everyone here at the DivvyO family household wish you and yours a happy set of holidays, no matter which ones you celebrate.



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