Plans For DivvyO in 2021
December 18, 2020

aka So I'm Thinking About Setting the Place On Fire...

Dear Internet,

It has been a great year so far for For the first time in my life, I've kept this website up, running, and semi-regularly updated for longer than six months without setting the whole thing on fire. Instead of engaging in the usual rip of self-destruction, however, this site has evolved from a blog where I've tried to revive my old flash games to ... not that. Is it about Path of Exile? Politics? COVID-19? Whatever pops into my brain? Yes.

Writing (code and otherwise) has been somewhat a cathartic experience for me. These last two years have given me a lot of grief, and if there's one thing that helps make it feel better, it's putting pen-to-paper (okay, fingers-to-keyboard).

What I'm trying to say here, is that this website isn't going anywhere. After careful consideration of the "delete all" button, I realized there's something here that one or two people have gotten a kick out of. Even if they are only low-level NSA agents and search engine spiders. Happy Holidays, Agent Chuck. Hope the family is OK.

I always like to get a head-start on my new years resolutions, so starting today, there will be daily updates to I won't explicitly say what the updates will be. Sometimes it will be content, sometimes it will be a blog post, sometimes it will be work under the hood. Sometimes it may not even be entertaining, but there will be something.

To DivvyO's 600ish Youtube followers, 20 Facebook followers, and 7 Twitter pals: thanks. I hope your 2021 gives you everything you work towards.

I'll see you there.

Joe "DivvyO" Erickson



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