Interesting Websites For December 2020
December 19, 2020

You know, besides

While I'm working on my boring, under-the-hood update, I thought it would be neat to point out a few websites that have tickled my fancy in the last month. Then, I can use this article to test my boring, under-the-hood update. Here goes!

Cookie Clicker - Incremental Clicker games were a genre established almost a decade ago, where you'd perform some basic task repeatedly, which then gave you some reward, which you could then invest into doing the same basic task. Eventually these types of games would be set up to mostly run themselves. Cookie Clicker is one of the OG versions of these games, and it has held up over the years. If I have a tab of it open, I'll find myself interrupting my work every few minutes to try to get some golden cookie combos.

MonkeyType - This is a fun little typing test to see how your words per minute have held up over the years. It has a fantastic simplicity to its design, and it is built remarkably well. It's a great way to see if you can improve already good typing skills, but doesn't offer much in the form of a typing tutor (looks like I'll permanently be better than my kids).

OptiFine and Sildur's Shaders - I have a secret: I play Minecraft. My kids do, too. After running around for years, however, I've made the decision to try to make Minecraft prettier. The best way to do that is with the OptiFine plugin and Sildur's Shaders. There's a host of tweaks you can do to change the way Minecraft works with these two, and in the end you'll wind up with a game that both runs smoother and looks cooler than before (unless you crank up the settings so high you set your video card on fire, which is a possibility).

Are there other fun websites out there? Of course there are! I just needed enough to make sure my update worked. If you're reading this article ... it did!



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