Weight For It: 2021 Edition
January 01, 2021

Part 0: Eat Fewer. Get more more done.

It's the new year. There's New Years Resolutions all over the place, and of course mine is probably the one shared by many Americans:

Discover a new kink.

No, no, that's not it. It's lose weight. But with so many methods to do so, what one do I choose? Do I go Keto? HIIT? Atkins? Pescatarian? The Ramen-Only-College-Student? For now, I've picked a two-prong approach. I'll let everyone know how it works over time.


Why isn't it "eat less"? Because we're talking calories in, calories out! In the end, all food-based weight loss regimens break down to CICO. If the amount of calories you take in are fewer than the amount of calories you burn throughout the day, that leads to weight loss. Eat fewer. Full stop. No footnotes, caveats, or exceptions.


My old boss always told me to "work smarter, not harder." Great words to live by. The toddler in the El Paso commercials said "porque no las dos?" Also great. Can I work smart and hard? In addition to adding more workouts to my schedule, can I make them more intense? Not only would I get more done in terms of quantity, but I'll get more done in terms of intensity. I'll get more more done.

The fun part about putting a plan into action is checking to see if I actually follow through with it. Can I keep these two rules in my brain until I reach my goal weight? We will just have to see. Who knows? Maybe along the way I'll find something oddly enticing about posting further weight loss status updates.



FUN FACT: DivvyO is short for Divide Overflow.
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