No, the worst protesters were not undercover Antifa.
January 07, 2021

If they were, they were in reeeeal deep.

It's been a full twenty four hours since the Save America Rally and its follow-up, the Invade the Capitol Protest. In that time, social media coverage exploded with live footage of protesters making their way up the Capitol steps, into the building, and almost making it rooms where members of the House of Representatives and Senate were hiding.

In that time, right-wing talking heads were quick to paint the more criminal of the protesters as left-wing agent provocateurs. If that's the case, let's take a look at some of these obvious liberal plants.

The guy with the horns and Viking tattoos who made his way through multiple rooms of the Capitol building, also known as Jake Angeli or the "QAnon Shaman." Obviously, when you're a humongous, dedicated shill for right-wing conspiracies, that must mean you're actually the exact opposite.

The guy often next to him who wore his Navistar Direct Marketing work badge to the protest and got fired for it, who wasn't identified by Navistar. Maybe he was a plant. Maybe George Soros will reimburse his lost wages. Maybe not.

The person who livestreamed them both who also got fired from an in-house lawyer position at Goosehead Insurance in Texas, also known as Paul Davis. While losing your job may be a terrible price to pay for sedition, there's worse.

The woman who was shot and killed trying to climb a barricade, also known as Ashli Babbitt. Babbitt was a 14-year Air Force veteran who became a fervent supporter of Donald Trump. She was at the front of the group trying to make their way deeper into the Capitol building, and it cost her her life. There's no joke here, no punch line. Nobody should have died that day. Instead, Babbitt gets shot, someone else got crushed, and two people died to heart attacks.

The guys who took pictures in Nancy Pelosi's office, also known as self-identified white nationalist Richard Barnett and The Blaze reporter Elijah Schaffer.

Far-right anti-semitic streamer Baked Alaska was part of the group who made it inside the Capitol building, with the added bonus of being COVID-19 positive at the time.

UPDATE: There were no fewer than six Republican lawmakers present at the protests. These include West Virginia Delegate Derrick Evans, who apparently posted a video of him inside the Capitol building but later deleted it.

Of course, there were thousands of people present at the protest. Who knows? Maybe some of them are secret left-wing Soros-funded (((deep state))) Antifa hacks. We don't know the guy who came to the protest wearing the "Camp Auschwitz" hoodie. Or the guy rocking the "6 million wasn't enough" shirt. Or the guy who -- in the greatest act of American Nationalistic Patriotism ever -- walked the Confederate Flag through the Capitol Building (something the South was never able to accomplish).

But it comes to a point where you have to think: if a President is saying march on the Capitol, and his personal lawyer is calling for "Trial by Combat," and social media was ablaze for weeks about plans to violently protest on January 6th, and right-wing media continues to push divisive false narratives damning people from working together in the future, maybe it's NOT a huge conspiracy as to why this all happened.


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