I Love Skittles!
April 29, 2020

But these ones have a catch...

Here's a question of Skittles:

(Special note: For those of you here from Facebook, this is not a place where you can complain about your inability to urinate freely in the aisles at Costco. Save that for Facebook. Or Wal-Mart)

Imagine I have a bowl of 1,000 skittles of various flavors. I offer you any single skittle from the bowl for free, but you must know ... two of the skittles are poisoned. Not just regular, run-of-the-mill poison. This is mess-you-up, wreck-your-organs, unending-pain kind of poison for two weeks until death comes and shuffles you loose.

Do you eat the Skittle? Is the extra pleasure worth the minute possibility that you could die ... over a Skittle? Or do you pass on my Skittles, knowing that out there there are all sorts of other candies that AREN'T poisoned? Heck, you could even buy another bag of Skittles! I haven't even messed with the other bags!

... that you know of.

Chances are, 2020 is also kicking you in the rear. My kids have said repeatedly, "this year sucks." I agree with them, and I'm happy they didn't include any curse words. With COVID-19 making its way through a (larger than the flu but smaller than heart disease) slice of people, please don't try to reason your way into an opportunity to expose yourself needlessly or expose the people around you.

Soon, everything will be back to normal(-ish). Tests are being made/distributed, and we learn more about this new strain of virus every day. According to some legitimate sources, it looks like the worst may be behind us.

Until then, sit back. Relax. Have some M&Ms. I haven't done anything to those, but if you eat 1,000 of them in one sitting, you probably will get sick regardless.



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