Behold! All of the things I have made over the years, partitioned into an easily-digestible fun zone!


I have made a series of YouTube videos about Path of Exile. Most of them are dated, but they can still help your way through the violent world of Wraeclast.

My channel is here. Check it out!

NOTE: There are also some other obnoxiously political videos sprinkled throughout my channel, apparently because I want to bleed subscribers. #noRegrets #whyAmIUsingHastagsOnMyWebsite


A long time ago, I made a webcomic called Limey Bitch. A couple of years later, I made two others named REC and Underscore. Every copy of them has been lost in missed backups and busted computers (LB was written in 1997, after all). Since then, I still draw a few sketches from time to time.

Right now the most sketches are sprinkled throughout my site as posts, but here they all are:

2022-04-30: Purity Test
2022-02-11: Forgiveness
2022-01-22: No Big Deal
2022-01-15: All Natural
2021-09-01: Rage Against the (Ventilator) Machine


Here's a gallery of different web projects I have done over the years, that don't really fit anywhere else.


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